Some infos about my page "Granny Paysites" and myself


Granny is a word for a female grandparent.

Ok ok, you know the facts about Granny... thats why you are here... ;-)

Very likely after reading on my page, you did mention that english is not my native language.
Iīm from the Switzerland... I apologies for that ;-)

Ok, I tell you why I created this page.
I was sick about all the Granny linksites and hundred boring Granny paysites out there...
Useless infos + every kind of adbanner and popups... How should I know which paysite is good??

Then one day, I thought: Would I personaly like a page that list only the best three porn sites from a niche?! And everything without crappy adbanners and popups?!

Yes I would... and I Do!

So, I present to you here, the best Granny websites... where you can find the sexiest and naughtiest Granny women I could find in the web!

You can get all the infos you need about a Granny pay site before you join... use the navigation bar above, to enter the reviews.

I only list quality Granny sites that I can highly recommend by myself.

I try to AVOID PAYSITES who have

Every page I link to is at least "good" ... I donīt link to bad or middle class Granny paysites.

And I can guarantee that each of the Granny Pay site listed here

Many pages also offers cheap trials and bonus access to other paysites!

You as the visitor of my page should feel comfortable and good advised by me.

So if you have any question, improvement suggestion (also misspelling - based on my swiss nationality) or anything else... please write me an e-mail! Simply click on contact at the bottom of this page.

I guarantee that I personaly answer you as fast as possible!

And as said... everything on my website is adbanner and popup free...
Please enjoy your visit on my page Granny Paysites. :-)